Here you can find Answer for McAfee FAQs

Ans : Pop ups can be really frustrating while working on computer but you can stop them from disturbing you. Please take help from Stop Unwanted Pop-Ups in McAfee Antivirus blog to resolve this problem.
Ans : If you are not getting automatic updates and want to update your software manually then please take help from this blog to know the exact process of McAfee Setup.

Resolve Some of McAfee Issues on Your Own
Ans : The installation issues occur because of slow DNS. Please change your DNS setting on the network card to a public server and check if you can install or not.
Ans : You can try three ways to resolve the issue: First try to reinstall the software, if the problem persists then turn on real time scanning and if you are still getting the error message then Turn on firewall. Seek help from this blog to know the resolution in detail.

McAfee Displaying Message That Computer is At Risk
Ans : We use mobiles phone more than computer and laptops and hence it become necessary for us to have McAfee Mobile security in device. If you are unable to unblock McAfee Mobile Security in your device click this link to resolve the issue.

Unlock McAfee Mobile Security on Device
Ans : No, once your subscription got expired you won’t be able to download new updates and new virus definition, although you can still use McAfee.
Ans : However, Windows Firewall automatically gets turn off when you install McAfee in your system, but if it doesn’t then go to control panel and click on security. There click on Windows Firewall and then click Turn off.
Ans : There are so many reasons of your poor PC performance and accordingly the resolution also differs. You can consult this article to go with accurate solution for your device.

Solution for Slow System Due to McAfee
Ans : For this purpose login to your McAfee account, at the top of you My Account window click on My Account and then click on Auto-Renewal Setting. Then simply follow the on screen instruction to turn it on or off.
Ans : : You can get fast and efficient tech support service on McAfee Support Number UK 0808-281-8685. Here you can talk to antivirus experts who have updated knowledge about the software which enables them to help you without much effort in case of difficulty.
Ans : : Kids spend a lot of time on internet and thus it become necessary for us to ensure their online security. McAfee comes with Parental Control feature which allows parents to control their child online safety. Read more on McAfee Lets You Control Your Kid's Online Activities.
Ans : :The reason you can’t access internet after the installation of McAfee is its Firewall. The firewall is blocking your internet access. Don’t worry; just follow the steps given in this Can’t Access the Internet after Installing McAfee Security Suite blog to fix this problem.
Ans : :The basic reason why mostly people get problem in installing McAfee is that their system doesn’t fulfill the basic requirement of the software. Follow How to Prepare Your Windows For McAfee Installation to know about minimum Windows requirement to avoid any installation error.

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