Resolve Some of McAfee Issues on Your Own

Resolve McAfee Issues

Posted on : 27 July, 2017

When we install an antivirus in our device we expect it to provide us 100% protection from any sort of threat, but no antivirus provides your system complete protection, if any antivirus company claims to do so then it’s lying. However, in spite of saying this I always suggest my readers to go with McAfee antivirus as McAfee has been at par from other antivirus brand when it comes to protecting device from viruses and malwares.

Although, it is one of the best antivirus in the market but still you have to take care of some technical issues that might come while using this antivirus. Here I provide you a small guide to fix some common issues on your own.

To install McAfee in device

You need to go to McAfee home page and sign in with your account with McAfee email address and password. Now click My Account and select your McAfee product that you want to download, click on Download. Read the License agreement and click Agree to continue and then follow on screen instructions to complete installation.

Avoid conflict between McAfee antivirus and Windows Firewall

When you download McAfee in your device, it automatically disables Windows Firewall, however you can turn it on again if you want by going to control panel. There click on Security and then Windows Firewall and click on turn on. But it is suggested not to use both at the same time.

Update McAfee Antivirus

If you want your antivirus to fight against latest viruses then you need to have the latest version of antivirus too. You need to update the software manually if it doesn’t update automatically. Navigate on McAfee Antivirus update page and click on latest update for system, the download will begin. Double click the downloaded zip folder to run update files. Now click on “Updates” button in your program. And once it is done please restart your computer.

We have discussed here the basic and initial difficulties that a McAfee user generally faces, but apart from these there are many technical issues that you might come across while using this software, but you can definitely remove them or avoid them with the help of our executives who understand this antivirus software well and hence can resolve all issues related to it in flash of seconds. So, dial us now on McAfee Help Number UK and enjoy your security service without any halt.

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