How to Configure Your McAfee Product Firewall Settings?

Configuration of McAfee firewall allows Logic Server to communicate with Slideshow Remote. If the firewall is not configured that you might face some problems like your device will not appear in device list, you will get errors like “Send Error 10054”, “Connect Error 10061” and Error indicating “Unable to connect to Logic Server”. Even it might cause Automatic and Manual connection mode fail. So, I hope now you understand the importance of configuration of Firewall. Let us learn the method of doing it:

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McAfee Internet Security

• Double click your McAfee icon and select Firewall, and then go to Parameters.
• Select Program Permission, and from the list find Logic Server. Verify if it is latest version or not.
• If yes then click “Modify”.
• Select Full Access in the program permission and then click Save.
• You need to apply same setting to Bonjour Service.
• Now you need to select Ports and services permission and then click Add and enter:
– Service: MDNS
– Category: System Port
– Description: Bonjour for Windows
– UDP Port: 5353
– Click Save and activate the check box before MCNS.
• Then again click add and enter:
– Service: HTTP
– Category: System Port
– Description: HTTP Web Server Port
– TCP Port: Logic server TCP Port
– Click Save and activate the check box before HTTP.
• Restart you device to save all changes.

McAfee Security Center

• Open your McAfee program and select Internet and Network.
• Under “To change your options, click Configure below”, click Configure.
• Now click Firewall protection and then click Advanced. There select Program Permission from the left pane.
• From the list look for Logic server and verify if its latest version. If yes click Change Action, other click on Add Allowed Program.
• Enter or select the logic server from the list and then click Open.
• Tap on “Grant Full Access” and click ok.
• You need to apply same setting to Bonjour service.
• Finally restart your computer.

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

• Open your McAfee and click Personal Firewall Plus, then select View the Internet Application List”.
• Look for Logic Server from the list and verify its version. If it is latest version then select it, otherwise click “New Allowed Application” and browse for Logic Server.
• Then select “Allow Full Access” and click Ok.
• Apply the same settings to Bonjour Services and restart your computer.

McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise & Desktop Firewall 8.5

• Go to START button and click Programs.
• Then click McAfee Desktop Firewall to start it.
• After that start Logic Server. If you see any alert then click Allow.
• Now double click Logic Server rule and enter the following:
– Description: Logic Server
– Program: browse to Logic Server
– Action: Permit
– Protocol: IP TCP
– Direction: Either
– Local Service: Single/ enter Logic Server TCP Port
– Remote Service: range 1- 65535
– Address: Any
– Activate: Checked
• Click Ok
• Apply the same setting to Bonjour services.
• Finally restart your computer.

All the above setting seems quite critical and some of you might not be able to do it on your own. If you have any doubt about it then please take help from a technician on McAfee Contact Number. It is better to consult than do wrong settings and regret later.

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