How do I Handle McAfee Antivirus Error Code 10060?

Viruses and other malwares are sufficient to make your system performance slower than the normal. The best way to handle indefinite attacks, risk of data stealing, important data and system crashes is to install McAfee security. It dwells extra protective features and unrivaled technology for better security. Besides this, it still creates situations where some technical issues trouble you. Error codes are part of it. McAfee Error Code 10060 is one such issue that might confuse you.

This error code generally appears when you had missed the latest updates for your device. Or, the error can also show up during incomplete installation of McAfee software. There are a lot of causes that might generate this error code. Few of them are mentioned below:

Malware Intervention: The invasion of different viruses and malware on your system might generate this error code sometimes.

Impaired Windows Registry: In case, the windows registry got damaged, it will distress your Windows system files, due to which McAfee Error code appears. Windows Registry can easily be understood, when you consult at McAfee technical help number UK.

Incomplete Installation: Sometimes, the installation doesn’t complete up, there are chances that it will lead to such troubling error code.

Files got deleted: When some important files got deleted when you actually want them to, it will absolutely lead to such technical error code.

The emergence of McAfee error code 10060 can be identified when there is some recent crash in your Operating System, continual pop-up with the error code, device is getting freeze or restart frequently, or the device is not responding. Although, the error code is examined in a number of way but the way to correct is one and is cited below:

  • You need to stable the Windows registry entries which are associated with error 10060.
  • It is important to carry out a full virus scan of your device so that all the impurities are removed.
  • Your next step must be updating your device drivers with the latest version available.
  • Change all the settings that you have modified recently. McAfee phone number UK is capable for assisting you in this matter.
  • Start to perform a Disk Cleanup to delete all the Junk or extra files that might be the cause of error code generated.
  • Next, start the windows system file checker that will look for any damaged or crashed files and repair them if needed.
  • At last, uninstall and re-install your McAfee software from Control panel. Keep in mind that you need to execute the process step by step.

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