Fix for Error of McAfee Subscription Activation with a CD or Retail Card

McAfee Activation

Posted on : 27 December, 2017

We buy McAfee product thinking that after buying it we will stay secure and safe but so many times we are unable to redeem and activate our McAfee product using retail card or activate it after installing from CD. You can come across such McAfee Activation issue at anytime. Actually when the problem occurs you see one of the following errors and as per the error you need to take precaution.

Let us look at some error messages and their solutions:

Problem 1: There is no option to redeem your retail card at the website you went to: If this happens then it means that you are typing a wrong website URL where you want to redeem your retail card. To resolve this issue check your redeem card again and type the correct URL mentioned there. In case you can’t find it then dial at McAfee Tech Support Number UK.

Problem 2: You have entered a wrong product key that doesn’t match to the country and language you selected: In the language drop down menu which is located at the top of the website, you can select the country and the language which matches with the specifications on the retail card.

McAfee Product Key

Problem 3: Product key already in use: If you are attempting to install your product on another device using the same retail card or product key and you see this error then try to install the device from the web. The steps to install the software vary as per your device type. So you can take assistance from McAfee Installation helpline if you want to know the exact process.

Problem 4: Invalid Product key: May be you have typed the product key incorrectly, just cross check it and type it again to fix the problem.

Problem 5: Problem in activating from the CD: You need to insert the CD you bought in the CD drive; this will begin the installation process automatically. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. After installation right click McAfee icon and click on Activate Now, then type the product key from the CD and select Activate. In case, your activation fails then download and run McAfee Virtual Technician. To know about its installation process take help from experts who are working round the clock at McAfee Help Number.

Problem 6: Sorry, but it seems that the store from where you got the card forgot to activate it. Ask the store to activate it and then try again: In this case only the retailer can help you to activate your product.

Hope the blog is helpful for you and after going through it, you were able to successfully download, install and activate your product.

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