Can’t Access the Internet after Installing McAfee Security Suite

Internet Blocking

The main reason of install McAfee Security Suite is the risk of cyber crime. McAfee keep us protected from virus and malwares that enters our system through internet and that is the reason it is always suggested that an internet user should keep security software in their device. But of course no antivirus user wants to lose access to internet just because of the software.

Imagining a day without internet is impossible in this digital age. But this happens with many McAfee Security suite users. And the reason you can’t access after installing McAfee could be that its firewall components are blocking your access to internet. In case you are also stuck in such situation then don’t panic, you should try the following solution before giving up:

Step 1- Determine Application Access

• Double click the M Shield icon in the task bar.
• Then click Web and Email protection.
• Click the Firewall link. This will open the firewall window.
• Confirm that the Firewall is ON.
• After that click the Program Permission drawer.
• Check the list and see if all application rules that you have created. Cross check blocked rules.
• Then you need to grant outbound access to any program that requires network connectivity. (Examples: spoolsvc.exe, iexplore.exe, outlook.exe or msimn.exe etc.)

Step 2- Restore Firewall default setting

• Click Restore Default. (it will erase all the setting done by you)
• After this you might be prompted for network or application permissions. Be careful when you confirm your local network and ensure you select the Home Button.

Although, the above method will give you your access back to internet but if in case you still can’t access the internet then may be the personal firewall unable to automatically configure your network. This happen when you have another firewall installed, multiple network adaptor enabled or your network properties are not configured properly. In such situation you need to temporarily disable McAfee Personal Firewall to test your internet. Follow the given steps for this:

• Double click M Shield icon on the task bar.
• Click Web and Email Protection.
• Click the Firewall link and when the firewall option window opens click Turn Off button.
• Select the resume time and click Turn Off.
• Test your internet connection.
• Once you are done either turn on the firewall back or restart your computer.

If none of the above method works for you then please take assistance from experts and let them analyze the real cause of the issue. The technician can provide you accurate solution to resolve this issue; in fact if you can’t do it on your own you can take benefit of remote service. For this you have to dial McAfee Phone Number UK.

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