Can I Use McAfee for Malware Removal?

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Malware Protection

Our system can anytime get infected with malware. Malware is malicious software that can be harmful to your PC. Malware is a comprised term for computer viruses, Trojans, worms and Spyware. If you are a tech expert you can use some basic three free unsupported removal tools from McAfee to clean your computer or otherwise you can invest in some commercial malware removal software.

The three free tools that McAfee has offered can only detect and remove the specific form of infections.

  • McAfee Lab Stinger: As per the tool’s list of viruses it can save your computer from almost 7000 viruses. You might think that 7000 is quite enough to keep your system safe but that is not true. According to a 2012 survey, there is almost more than 17,702,868 virus definition.
  • Mac Stinger: This tool is basically designed to remove OSX or flashfake variants.
  • RootKitRemover: This third tool is meant to remove ZeroAccess and TDSS family of rootkits.

McAfee customer care executives don’t take any guarantee for these tools. These tools will not inform you whether your system is free from malware or not.

How to Find About Malware?

As we know that these tools can’t be completely relied on and you will even not be aware of the fact that your system is protected or not. Mostly, an infected system starts running slow, but you cannot always say that a slow system is infected, this could also mean that your hard disk is filled. If you use Web on an infected system then there is a possibility that you will be redirected to the sites that you haven’t requested or you will start receiving strange or threatening pop-ups. McAfee technical support team has dealt with so many such cases and they have been able to successfully remove malware from user’s PC using McAfee malware removal tool.

How to Prevent Yourself from Malware attacks?

It is suggested by experts that one should never open attachments from unknown people. The user should always use a strong antivirus program like McAfee for PC protection and use a firewall for enhanced security. As you must have heard “prevention is better than cure”.

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