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Right Way to Manage and Restore McAfee Quarantine Files or Programs

Before we begin you need to understand how McAfee security suite actually works. McAfee has a feature known as VirusScan that scans your PC and if it finds any infected… Read more »

Steps to Uninstall McAfee from Windows 10

Since the time Windows 10 has been launched, it has been people’s choice as it offers them many new features. This operating system comes with some pre-loaded applications and software…. Read more »

Fix for Error of McAfee Subscription Activation with a CD or Retail Card

We buy McAfee product thinking that after buying it we will stay secure and safe but so many times we are unable to redeem and activate our McAfee product using… Read more »

Which Files Should you Exclude from McAfee scan for Better PC Performance?

We definitely need a strong antivirus like McAfee to keep our system secure. But scanning computer consumes lot of RAM, which ultimately slows down your PC, especially Windows PC, although… Read more »

Security Measures to Keep Yourself Safe on Internet

Internet has become an important part of our day to day life, we spend hours online. But do you think you are safe when working on internet. Crime not only… Read more »

How to Configure Your McAfee Product Firewall Settings?

Configuration of McAfee firewall allows Logic Server to communicate with Slideshow Remote. If the firewall is not configured that you might face some problems like your device will not appear… Read more »

Can’t Access the Internet after Installing McAfee Security Suite

The main reason of install McAfee Security Suite is the risk of cyber crime. McAfee keep us protected from virus and malwares that enters our system through internet and that… Read more »