Security Measures to Keep Yourself Safe on Internet

Internet Safety

Posted on : 27 September, 2017

Internet has become an important part of our day to day life, we spend hours online. But do you think you are safe when working on internet. Crime not only happens in real life, crime can take place even on internet and these days many young mischievous people are just looking for one opportunity to harm you and your device. Scams, malwares and hacking have made the internet a dangerous place. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a powerful internet security in your device and McAfee fulfill that need of your perfectly well.

How to Configure Your McAfee Product Firewall Settings?

Configure Your McAfee Product

Posted on : 15 September, 2017

Configuration of McAfee firewall allows Logic Server to communicate with Slideshow Remote. If the firewall is not configured that you might face some problems like your device will not appear in device list, you will get errors like “Send Error 10054”, “Connect Error 10061” and Error indicating “Unable to connect to Logic Server”. Even it might cause Automatic and Manual connection mode fail. So, I hope now you understand the importance of configuration of Firewall.

Can’t Access the Internet after Installing McAfee Security Suite

Internet Blocking

Posted on : 30 August, 2017

The main reason of install McAfee Security Suite is the risk of cyber crime. McAfee keep us protected from virus and malwares that enters our system through internet and that is the reason it is always suggested that an internet user should keep security software in their device. But of course no antivirus user wants to lose access to internet just because of the software.

Stop Unwanted Pop-Ups in McAfee Antivirus

Blocking Pop up

Posted on : 17 August, 2017

McAfee is antivirus software that keeps your system away from any kind of cyber threats including spyware, Trojans, malwares and viruses. It is considered to be really good in detecting the virus and then removing it, in fact many times it works like a shield that don’t allow any infectious software to enter your system but unfortunately one thing wipes off all its good features i.e. frequent Pop-Ups that keep appearing while using this software.

Resolve Some of McAfee Issues on Your Own

Resolve McAfee Issues

Posted on : 27 July, 2017

When we install an antivirus in our device we expect it to provide us 100% protection from any sort of threat, but no antivirus provides your system complete protection, if any antivirus company claims to do so then it’s lying. However, in spite of saying this I always suggest my readers to go with McAfee antivirus as McAfee has been at par from other antivirus brand when it comes to protecting device from viruses and malwares.

Although, it is one of the best antivirus in the market but still you have to take care of some technical issues that might come while using this antivirus. Here I provide you a small guide to fix some common issues on your own.

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